What we all know is that Bangkok is a very hot city. What fewer of us know is that our higher-than-average room temperatures have damaging effects on almost all of our beauty products. Many labels on these products tell us to store them “at room temperature”, which manufacturers think is around 24 degrees celsius. Of course, they hadn’t thought about how, in Bangkok, the average room temperature is more like 30 degrees. The truth is that you’re likely to currently be using products that are doing nothing for your face — having long been destroyed by the heat. 

That’s why refrigerating skincare products is becoming a fast-growing trend. To get the low-down on this, we spoke to the experts at Some Kooling, a Bangkok-based brand of mini skincare fridges designed specifically to care for your beauty products. Here’s everything you need to know about keeping your beauty products nice and chilled. 

[Images courtesy of Some Kooling.]


So, why should we do something as bizarre as putting our beauty products in the fridge?

Well, if we think about how we all keep our food in the fridge to make it last longer, doing the same thing for our beauty products doesn’t seem so bizarre! Bangkok’s heat significantly shortens the lifespan of the ingredients in these products and reduces their effectiveness. Our room temperatures also tend to fluctuate quite a bit from day to night and from air conditioning, which also makes the ingredients in our products unstable. What refrigerating these products does is allow a constant, stable, optimum temperature that maximises the quality of these products.


Which beauty products should we definitely be keeping in the fridge? 

Any products that contain organic ingredients should be kept cool. Now that many of us are buying more organic beauty products, it’s more important to share this information. Just like organic food that doesn’t contain preservatives or artificial chemicals, these natural skincare products also need special storage in order to take care of their quality. We also recommend refrigerating skincare that contains essences, SPF, probiotics, and vitamin C as well as all face masks.

Do beauty products at cooler temperatures have more benefits for our skin?

Apply products to your face that have a much lower temperature than your skin actually benefits you more. For example, the cool temperatures help to minimise pores for a more refined complexion. But also, when you’re applying spot treatments and serums, a cool temperature will calm the skin while reducing any pain and inflammation caused by acne and blemishes. 


What’s the advantage of having these skincare fridges if you’ve already got a fridge?

The most important thing is that you avoid potential contamination from the food in your regular fridge. You don’t want to risk bacteria jumping from your leftovers into your serums! The second thing is that some hardcore beauty queens are already buying a whole second fridge to keep their creams and lotions. Our skincare fridges are smaller in size and are designed to look like part of your dressing table. That and our skincare-specific temperature also means they’re better for energy-conservation.


What can we expect from the skincare fridges that you offer?

Our skincare fridges are 6 litres and come in either a glossy colour or transparent. There are 4 colours to choose from: white, mint blue, yellow, and pink. We’re currently working on producing a wider range of sizes, because some of our customers do have a lot of products to store.

Some Kooling skincare fridges are available to order through Facebook, Instagram, Shopee, and LINE (ID: @somekooling). THB 2190.

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