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Yes, it happens every year. But Christmas has a kind of eternal magic that no amount of ageing can ever subside. We will always gawk at the Christmas trees that seem to get bigger and brighter every year, and nobody can pretend they haven’t hummed along as Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’ plays, seemingly ubiquitously, in the background. But one thing does change about the festive season as you grow older — you turn from being the child receiving all the gifts to being the elder giving them.

At 22 years old, I find myself in the awkward in-between position of this transformation. I think many of my fellow millennials may feel the same way. In many ways, it’s quite a good position to be in. We can both receive and give gifts, which makes Christmas so much more fun. Millennials are now the highest spending generation, and all bets are on them spending the most on Christmas gifts too. But what do we avocado-loving, social media-addicted snowflakes actually buy for one another? For those who aren’t of our cohort, you may think the answer would be pretty simple: tech gadgets, travel experiences, and, well, anything Instagrammable.

Well, guess what? You’re not wrong. As an unashamed bona fide millennial, I’d like to offer a gift guide inspired by my personal experiences and favourite finds this year. No, it’s not my personal wishlist (although, by all means feel free to treat it as one). Rather, this is a curation of some lovely things that a millennial wouldn’t mind finding under the tree. Now, browse from designer rainbow beaded clutches to travel gift cards, and have yourself a very millennial Christmas!

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Airpods Pro


My favourite gift from last year’s Christmas was a pair of the original AirPods. 2019 has gone down in my books as the year of cord-free running in the park and I am never looking back. AirPods are like the selfie sticks of earphones — and I mean this in the most complimentary way. They may look annoying on other people, but only when you use them yourself do you truly appreciate the beauty of their intuitive design. The sound quality is incredible, I never worry about its battery life, and there’s a childish delight to playing with the gleamingly smooth, magnetic white case. It’s not an overstatement to say you’d be changing someone’s life if you gifted them a pair. I’ve already attached irreversible sentimental value to my current AirPods, but I can imagine the new versions have even better specs. The new case looks a little less like dental floss, at least.

Available at Apple. THB 9,490.

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ClassPass Gift Card


I’ve been reconnecting with an old school friend since she returned to Bangkok this summer, and we often meet up by going to barre classes. I admit it’s not the best way to catch up (we leave that for the post-workout feast), but it was how I was first introduced to ClassPass. It’s a great way to try out different types of classes at different gyms, from Base to Physique 57. I was also surprised I could use my membership when I went to London — turns out you can use it in about 2,500 cities.

So, if the best kind of gifts are ones they’d love but never think to ask for, then a ClassPass gift card would definitely fit the bill.

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Weekend MaxMara Garment Etymology Coat


A typical millennial loves feeling two contradictory things: both cosy and comfortable yet also ready for an adventure. From my experience, no brand can do both as well as Weekend Maxmara can. I’ve long loved the iconic Weekend MaxMara coats — my own one has kept me warm, active, and in-style on all my travels from Paris to the Great Wall of China. Whichever coat you choose from the new collection, I guarantee you’ll never want to take it off.

Available at Weekend Maxmara, G/F The Emporium, Bangkok. 2/F CentralWorld, Groove zone, Bangkok.

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Aman Skincare Discovery Set


Self-love and self-care are the two most imposing mantras in the millennial’s rulebook. When it comes to our beauty and skincare products, only the best will do. It’s also not enough to find just premium quality — all things from packaging, brand identity, and mindfulness are also considered. One brand that’s definitely got it all is the Aman Skincare collection. Of course, there’s the advantage of their luxury travel experiences that already promise exceptional quality and expertise. But the spa rituals of Aman also mean you’ll be gifting the most zen and mind-and-body-cleansing Christmas to your favourite self-caring millennial. The Purifying Discovery Set would be a much-needed detox after a season of partying.

Available exclusively online at Aman Skincare.

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Nespresso Essenza Mini


It’s a known truth — millennials are caffeine addicts. Whether it’s the office routine or the weekly brunches, we seem to be spending a lot of our time and money in coffee shops. Gifting this adorably compact Nespresso machine — one that would fit nicely on a desk or in our tiny apartments — would therefore be much appreciated. Oh, and while you’re at it — Nespresso have also released some lovely festive capsules with flavours from Sweet Almond Cake to Cloudberry that would go great with a serving of avocado toast. Just saying…

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