It’s the most wonderful time of the year — and we’re not talking jingling bells. 

Or at least, not the Christmas type

Wonderfruit is back in its sixth and possibly most glorious rendition this year, bringing together creatives and cool cats from all around the region for an annual celebration of all things music, arts, family, food, wellness, and adventure.

Whilst we’re certain you’re already gearing up for the big weekend — boho chic attire and private villas, we see you — there’s no denying that Wonderfruit is also a great place to meet people. In first line, it’s actually all about the people. Dreamy conversations, interesting characters, and quick new friendships (dare we even say ‘romances’?) have famously blossomed from the festival. Yet whilst the breeding ground for such escapades is plenty within the tents and nooks and napping havens, not everyone has the disco balls to conjure up the courage to make new buddies. 

To help those souls, we’ve put together the top 8 pick-up lines you could use this weekend (and possibly only this weekend) to really impress. Consider it a bit of a guide to Wonderfruit 2019 too, told through one of the most millennial of ways. It was either this or a Spotify playlist

[All images courtesy of Wonderfruit]

Wonderfruit 2019

  • “I like your gong.”

No pun intended here at all. Whilst Wonderfruit may seem like a music festival, there’s actually also a huge selection of workshops to partake in, talks to be inspired by, and art to admire (and ‘gram).

There’s everything from kite-making and bamboo-weaving to an eco-friendly glitter station, pig petting, transcendent dance, and woodcut printing. Blackitch Artisan Kitchen is hosting ‘Edible Kitchen’, whilst BBC Music expert Nick Luscombe will make you ‘reconsider what is possible’ in a special talk. Uncover hidden feelings at the cacao ceremony, or see deep within yourself during a meditation session. There are also plenty of yoga workshops — and yes — really nice gongs.

  • “My love for you is like the lineup this year — massive, and never ending.”

No matter what genre you like to groove to, there’s something for everyone at Wonderfruit 2019. The diverse lineup ranges from daring artists (hidden DJs even; look to The Quarry), over to experimental sounds and a few more mainstream favourites.

As always, the lineup isn’t really about particular headliners and their supporting acts, but rather about mood, space, atmosphere, and vibes. Definitely do not miss sunrise and sunset sessions, which are celebrated at Solar Stage by Daddy G, Floating Points, Acid Pauli, and Arp Frique & Family, to name a few. 

The full lineup can be found here, and you can also get in the mood with the official Wonderfruit 2019 Spotify Playlist

Bear in mind that Wonderfruit runs non-stop for a full 99 hours, so telling someone you love them like the lineup is the new telling someone you love them long time, really. 

Wonderfruit 2019

  • “Have you met my cup? It’s reusable.”

Granted, this pick-up line should work outside of Wonderfruit as well. Say no to plastic, and reuse your cups. There’s nothing hotter. 

Wonderfruit spells ‘sustainability’ with an S so capital you could probably see it on the GPS map en route Siam Country Club. A central ethos to the entire festival, it tries to be as sustainable as a pop-up city of its size can be. One great way to embrace this is the introduction of a policy that bans single-use cups and plastic. Instead, visitors are encouraged to bring their own cups, or buy one at Wonderfruit. Fittingly, it makes for a great piece of merch to take home afterwards, too.

Read more on their sustainability mission and calculate your own carbon footprint on the Wonderfruit emissions website.

Wonderfruit 2019

  • “Do you want to pet my poodle?”

Again, we’re not even playing with puns here. 

Dogs are actually allowed at Wonderfruit — and children too.

Not that those two are the same thing, but both (children under 12, dogs of all ages) need to be accompanied by an adult (20+) at all times. We’re all about that inclusivity. Cheers. 

  • “Are you my Wonderfruit wristband? Because I never want to lose you.”

Take it from us: do not take off your wristband at Wonderfruit. 

You need that thing to enter, to pay for things, to prove you paid for things, and to look cool and be part of the crowd. The wristband is a vital part of the entire experience. 

What’s more, on leaving the festival, you can actually get your cash back for the money you did not spend through your wristband. Treasure it like a new best friend.

Wonderfruit 2019

  • “I’m a beast at the feast.”

If music or activities aren’t your thing, the food alone at Wonderfruit is a wild and wonderful reason to attend. Featuring ‘serious food in sincere settings’, there’ll be communal banquets (with the stars of 80/20, bo.lan, Haoma, and more), experimental small-scale dining, and pop-up kitchens. The latter consists of many a big name in the culinary scene, but also a handful of really great more ‘insider’ outlets and stalls, from Pure Luck Kombucha, Genius Bar, and Meat & Bones over to Paco and Rad Meats. We love that Wonderfruit tracked them down, and we’re excited to go beast mode on the goods. A more extensive low-down can be found here. 

  • “Like in The Fields, I don’t mind getting lost in you.”

With something exciting happening at just about every corner, it may seem overwhelming at first, but there is actually an official map to The Fields at Wonderfruit 2019 to guide you.

Nevertheless, whilst direction is great, we highly suggest just roaming, exploring, and uncovering wondrous places all on your own. Take a dip at the bath house. Karaoke your heart out at the Cheese Shack. Make new friends aboard the Molam Bus. Or simply take a nap under a tree. There is so much to see, and plenty of wonderers (and wanderers) to get lost with — together.

  • “You are the sunscreen of my life.”

That is: essential.

Sure, it’s winter, and sure, there’s a breeze from time to time, but please don’t forget that the sun is actually scorching, and that your body is a temple. Wear sunscreen like you’re selling happy brownies at the festival, and the rent is due tomorrow. 

On that tangent, definitely also consider bringing a (reusable) water bottle with you, or use your cup and drink plenty of water (too). 

How does the saying go? “We go together like being well hydrated and protected from the sun at Wonderfruit”? N’aw. 

  • “Your name must be ‘Wonderfruit App’ because I want to carry you in my pocket everywhere I go.”

Alright, we didn’t quite know how to make that last one sound less creepy. 

There really is a Wonderfruit app though, and it’s very handy for planning your weekend. Dates and timings of events are outlined for each day so you can have an approximate idea of where to be and what to do throughout your time there. The app provides a great overview where you can even book workshop slots and plan your schedule, too. Better than Bumble, Bagels, or Tinder any day.

Signing off as your wingman of sorts: wonder free, party safe, and see you in the fields.

Wonderfruit 2019 runs from 12-16 December 2019 in The Fields at Siam Country Club. Tickets are still available on the Wonderfruit website.

Lisa Gries
Managing Editor, Bangkok
Lisa loves to travel, and is always on the lookout for the world’s best nap spots. She’s a serious Asian art history nerd, and has a knack for languages and coffee table books. She hopes to publish her own novels one day, one of which will likely be called ‘All The Great Conversations I Had In A Bangkok Speakeasy.’ It’s a work in progress.