If you’re like us, you’ve already started to feel that pressure of what to buy for your friends and family this festive season. There are tons of questions: what should we gift them? Will they like it or not? Where can I find something unique?

Finding a gift that perfectly matches a person’s taste can be very, very tricky. You often just spend too much time deciding and carefully considering what to buy. Luckily, Siam Discovery the Magical Gifts at The Exploratorium is holding a gift festival where you’ll find rare collectible pieces, creatively-designed items, limited edition gifts, and, most importantly a personalised gift section. Consider this a godsend as the largest lifestyle arena of unique gifts you can find in Bangkok. You’d be surprised by the range of gifts you can find here that are eco-friendly, too.

From small sweet treats to the special Come Play With Us section, these will really bring a smile to your beloved’s face. Read ahead for our full guide.

Personalised gifts

Imagine receiving a gift knowing that it’s the only exemplar of its kind in this world. How special does that make you feel?

With Siam Discovery the Magical Gifts you can get a pair of sneakers with your own style and design on it. To do this, sneaker lovers, you can get “Your Edition” at the Future Lab on G Floor. Our advice? Get your initials embroidered on your sneakers with the squad or tell your better half how much you love them by curating your own ‘couple sneakers’. Cute.

Last Minute Market zone

Well, given that a lot of us are procrastinators here, it wouldn’t be surprising if we’d leave the hard part for the last — hunting down gifts at the very last minute. That’s why the Last Minute Market Zone is made for us. It includes a variety of gifts catered for each personality, whether you’re a Sagittarius or an Aries type of person. Don’t fret, you don’t need to break your wallet this season either, because the gift corner houses items for THB 300, THB 500, THB 900, and THB 1,000.

Complimentary Gift Wrapping Service

Let’s admit: not everyone is perfect at the art of wrapping. So, having a gift wrapping zone is a sigh of relief. As the Japanese are known for doing these things traditionally, it seems like it would be the perfect option to have exclusive wrapping papers imported from Japan for this occasion. The way a gift has been wrapped speaks volumes about the intention behind the gift and also your effort. Head over to the gift wrapping corner to get your present dressed in beautiful Japanese-style wrapping papers on the 2nd floor at Siam Discovery.

Eco is Magic

Caring for our environment should be our main priority and that shouldn’t exclude the festive season. Given that Siam Discovery is famed for having an ECOTOPIA zone that houses everything eco-friendly, we are glad that this Christmas we can be a little more thoughtful, and a little more planet-friendly with this dedicated zone. The Eco is Magic zone will be having household items, home decor items, water bottles, and eco-gadgets, to name a few. Also, find exclusive clothing items that are 100% natural and environmental-friendly from brands never seen before at the G Floor.

Grab your personalised and sustainable gifts at Siam Discovery from now until 12 January 2020.

For more information, head to www.siamdiscovery.co.th.

Alisha Pawa
Alisha is a passionate dancer and is always creating her own choreographies. She is a fan of rom-com novels, a coffee-drinker who loves tea, and is always on-the-go for her midnight chocolate cravings. She hopes to tick-off her never-ending bucket list one day by hosting her own travel show.