If you, by any chance, have seen the movie L’Oro di Napoli – The Gold of Naples – you may have noticed the charm of the character “Pizzaiola”, which means “lady pizza maker” played by the sensual Sophia Loren. She accentuates the movie with the blissful and true nature of Neapolitan women and that’s exactly the vibe the restaurant Pizzaiola By Massilia aims to portray.

Established by the award-winning Pizza Massilia, Pizzaiola is a restaurant that’s possibly going to follow the successful steps laid by its family of restaurants: La Bottega di Luca, Pasta.go and Vesper.

Sophia Loren as the Pizzaiola in L’ Oro di Napoli (Image credit:Itinerari di Napoli)

Pizzaiola, however, sets itself apart from its restaurant siblings with its prime location. Nestled on the 7th floor of CentralWorld, the outlet boasts a fun, Mediterranean white-and-blue space with an open plan kitchen exuding a fun and relaxed aura that warmly welcomes pizza devotees.

The menu here is also based on the venue’s concept of Pizza del Popolo – pizza of the people. A read through the menu will have you realise that this is an Italian restaurant that offers Italian-meets-Thai flavours, combining both local and imported ingredients within each dish to celebrate classic yet contemporary dishes that will also cater to the Thai palate. Think think traditional marinara pizza fused with Sai Ua – Chiang Mai’s spicy sausage – pie.

Recently, we had a chance to check out the space and tried some of the best dishes Pizzaiola has to offer, featuring down-to-earth Italian fare like classic pizza, pasta and salad. Here’s a list of must-tries you should order when you visit.

Ibérico Ham and Figs Pizza (THB 590)

Ham with figs could arguably be one of the best combinations in the food world, so you simply can’t say no to this pie. What happens here is the ribbons of Ibérico ham are generously sprinkled on top of the fresh-out-of-the-oven dough, followed by wedges of ripe figs, which overall, showcases perfectly the shades of Italian autumn time.

Pizza Fusion: Thai Taste

Mediterranean food haters – yes, we know you are out there – these pies are made just for you. Opt for the Pork Pad Kra Pao (THB 290 for large/ THB 240 for medium) if you are a fan of Thailand’s meat and holy basil stir-fry. But trust us and go for a pie of Sai Ua Chiang Mai Sausages (THB 340 for large/ THB 270 for medium) where the Fior di latte cheese-basted pie is speckled with Chiang Mai’s signature spicy sausage alongside strings of crispy chicharron. This plain-looking pie gives a burst of umami you wouldn’t expect.

Tortellini Ai Funghi E Tartufo (THB 390)

The Italians make great pasta dishes. But what often wins people’s hearts is the ones made with stuffed noodles called tortellini. Pizzaiola makes their own – as it should be – and then they cook and coat the Champignon mushroom-packed dumplings in a black truffle and cream sauce. Delizioso.

Angel Hair with Truffle Sauce (THB 420)

Pizzaiola offers up a few types of pasta to go along with their five signature sauces, spanning the likes of Pomodoro & Basil, Clams & Tomato Sauce, Crab Meat Aglio, Olio and Peperoncino, Carbonara and Truffle Sauce. And when life gives you truffles, by all means, enjoy! We recommend getting the wonderful combination of the angel hair pasta with truffle sauce. The long, thin strands of Angel Hair does a wonderful job in catching up all the fragrant sauce, making every bite packed with the mouthwatering aroma of the nature’s gems.

Panzotti – Baked Baby Calzones (THB 240)

Can’t decide whether you want a tomato-y or spinach-y pie? Well, of your own free will, why not get both? Filled to the brim with Spicy Meatballs Ragout and Spinach and Mozzarella, these Baked Baby Calzones are a beauty in green and red and fully packed with a toothsome delight.

Pizza Color (THB 260)

Here’s a pie with some serious sweetness. Smeared on the baked, blistered dough, the Italian hazelnut cocoa spread, Nutella, does most of the work in this pizza by yielding that palate-pleasing flavour. The dough then gets topped with a colourful sprinkling of M&Ms. The first bite will immediately take you back to your guilt-free childhood days.

Pizzaiola by Massilia, 7 FL, CentralWorld, Pathumwan, Bangkok, +66 62 592 8586
Open: Mon-Sun, 11 am-9 pm.

Pizzaiola by Massilia
Pizzaiola by Massilia, 7 FL, CentralWorld, Pathumwan, Bangkok
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