It’s that time of year again.

MGC-Asia Auto Fest is back for its fourth annual luxury car sales event, bringing to Bangkok many things for car lovers to be excited about. Hosted by a number of MGC-Asia’s most covetable brands – including Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Maserati, BMW, MINI, BMW Motorrad, Honda, and more – visitors are invited to explore a range of car models. Held from 27 June to 2 July at Siam Paragon, here’s a teaser taste of what you can expect.

Hero image credit: BMW; Featured image credit: Rolls Royce

Aston Martin
Aston Martin (Image Credit: Aston Martin)
Here’s the deal

Dubbing the event as the ultimate Deal of the Year, MGC-Asia is providing a series of unbeatable offers for the event this time around. There’ll be everything from cash-back rebate, special down payments, special interest rates, insurance, top-ups, trade-ins, special privileges, and more.

Yet beyond deals, the selection of car models is likely the most buzzed-about part of the event. To give you an idea and get your dream car motors running, we’ve put together some highlights you’ll spot.

MGC-Asia Auto Fest: Rolls Royce
The Rolls Royce Cullinan (Image Credit: Rolls Royce)
For the established tycoon with taste: a snazzy Rolls Royce

There’s only one real name in the game for the big ballers, and that name is Rolls Royce. The British car manufacturer is known to make iconic cars for real-life icons, and designs its vehicles for those who have a knack for only the most prestigious models.

The most renowned of their repertoire is easily the Phantom, described as the brand’s signature model. A true classic in the luxury motoring world, it’s the most enduring interpretation of the modern motorcar, designed with opulent form and an utterly luxurious aura.

For those who prefer to get a little more adventurous, Rolls Royce has also recently unveiled their first all-terrain SUV with the Cullinan model just this year, making luxury off-road travel a beautiful reality. It’s a groundbreaker for the brand, but also highlights its versatility of models and high standard across the board.

MGC-Asia Auto Fest: Aston Martin
The Aston Martin Vantage (Image Credit: Aston Martin)
For the racy entrepreneur in the fast lane: a sleek Aston Martin

For the young (and young at heart) who love a quick whizz in a sports car and crave the feel of a cockpit in front of them, there’s no car like an Aston Martin. Known and loved for its affinity for speed, performance, and functional form, it’s the ideal brand for those who live for an adrenaline rush.

The chic Vantage (also known as ‘the archetypal hunter’), follows in exactly this path, described as raw and instinctive, and designed to ‘overwhelm the senses’. Where agile performance meets dedicated craftsmanship, the Vantage is seen as the aesthetic beauty of the sports car range, admired for its sculptural form and impressive acceleration (0-62 mph in 3.6 seconds, no less).

The DBS Superleggera takes this to another level. Long known as the ultimate production Aston Martin, it’s a bit of a concentrate of the brand’s most exciting aspects of the production range. Juxtaposing brutal strength with automotive art, it’s a lightweight car with powerful strength. Aston Martin at one of its finest.

MGC-Asia Auto Fest: BMW
The BMW 7 Series Sedan (Image Credit: BMW)
For the business-savvy family that travels in style: a dynamic BMW

It is a mere stereotype that luxury cars are reserved for single men or women, or couples only. Proving that families too can travel in equal style, BMW has long been the preferred choice for both business and up-scale leisure, as well as both young and established families.

Classifying itself as a ‘business athlete’, the BMW 5 Series pulls together what it means to be a modern business saloon. Both dynamic and elegant, it proves why the German car manufacturer is recognised for its ability to combine technology and driving pleasure, in a way that remains professional without being boring.

The 7 Series follows along a similar tangent, upping the stakes even further. Conceptualised around a futuristic and forward-looking driving luxury, the model acts as a benchmark for both comfortable and contemporary design, alongside its standard high efficiency.

This June 23-26, both the BMW 530e Highline and the BMW 740 Le xDrive Pure Excellence will be used as the exclusive shuttle for ASEAN leaders at the ASEAN Summit Thailand. From the streets to the exhibition, these models will appear at the MGC-Asia Auto Fest to admire as well.

MGC-Asia Auto Fest: MINI
The MINI Cooper S (Image Credit: MINI)
For the fun high flier on the move: a hip MINI

For those who love their car to be as Instagrammable as their lifestyle, you can’t go wrong with a MINI. The British carmaker designs for urbane attitudes, and its cars are best suited to those who love going to only the hippest hangouts. Adding a touch of individual personality to an already charming car, buyers get to choose from a wide range of colour combinations for their vehicle, which probably best shines as MINI’s special feature.

Boldly outgoing, the MINI Convertible brings together impulse and energy as the ideal summer vehicle. It’s a roof-down car with charisma, made for those who love to bask in sunshine, and feel the wind in their hair. The classic MINI with a twist.

Following on with a similar sense of adventure, the MINI Countryman features four doors, and is thereby certainly larger than most of MINI’s two-door models. A ruggedly handsome design that includes four-wheel drive, the Countryman proves that even a metropolitan car can take to the outdoors sometimes, too.

Be it the Countryman from city to coast, or any of the other models from road to race track, consider MGC-Asia Auto Fest the invitation to your next great road trip.

The MGC-Asia Auto Fest 2019 runs from 27 June – 2 July at Siam Paragon, 991/1, Rama 1 Rd., Pathum Wan, Bangkok, +662 935 2000.

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