If you’re currently in the process of thinking about how you’d like to spruce up your home, we think it’s fair to ground yourself in a fair starting point: furnishing fabrics and wallpaper. Why? It’s amazing how making a change to just one or the other – or both – can alter your space entirely, while still allowing you to retain the shape of your room(s), home and all of its contents. It’s technically like giving your home’s interior a change of outfit, without changing the home itself – and if we ourselves go through several different outfits daily, then surely we can spare our home space a bit of TLC in the form of a different outfit… every season?

While sifting through all the chaos that is the world of fabrics and wallpaper – hello Pintrest! – we did find ourselves quite overwhelmed by the ordeal. After all, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to home decor. Well, when in doubt, stick to what you know. And then we remembered the A-game Hermès always brings when it comes to its home collections, because the Maison knows full well that fashion and style don’t stop at just attire. Lo and behold, the Maison’s latest collection did give a bit of style inspiration and we’re all about the fact that the designs are steeped in gorgeous geometric patterns as well as shapes and colours from the natural world.

With the Maison’s latest, nature is invited into the city and into our homes through grid patterns and foliage and a unique interplay of superimposition and repetition. It’s a soothing feeling watching how nature mingles with the motifs of façades and mosaics. The designs are arranged herbarium-style, like so many imaginary gardens, sequenced into plots or growing exuberantly on a trellis; it’s almost as if you’re transported into the world of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden. Paradoxically, could this be an urban landscape, the home inner-garden that dwells in a bustling and busy city? The new collection of furnishing fabrics and wallpapers by Hermès certainly captures our imagination and natural spirit, using a sensitive, composite vocabulary that unites generously illustrated nature with the geometric abstraction of a city, featuring inspiration from what can only be understood as the molecular patterns of the Middle East, the bedrock of civilisation and artful masterpieces. Have a click through some of the images from Hermès’ latest, and no doubt let it feed into your creativity when planning your next home overhaul.

For more information, please visit www.hermes.com or see the wallpapers and fabric furnishing in person at Siam Paragon or Central Embassy.

Catherine Napalai Faulder
Catherine is Bangkok born and bred and knows the angles of the city and its people very personally. You'll often catch her writing about the upsides of Thainess, the richness and diversity of Bangkok's third cultures and the true meaning of wellness.