Associated with the monarchy, the colour yellow in Thailand is celebrated nationwide as an emblem of respect for the country’s sovereign. The sunshine-shaded hue is also a representation of Monday in the Buddhist tradition. So as a result, seeing one dressed in yellow at the beginning of each week can demonstrate their appreciation for the Thai sovereign and their deep respect for the monarchy and Buddhist religion.

With the coronation of His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun, the month of May sees the country clothed in yellow; people are wearing lemon-shaded shirts publicly, commemorating the monumental occasion of the ascension of a new King to the throne.

But instead of just clothing yourself in yellow, why not cloak your home, too, in the bright and vibrant colour? Here we’ve curated a few ideas on how to incorporate royal yellow hues into your home in the most sophisticated fashion.

Featured image credit: via pinterest/DelightFULL Unique Lamps; hero image credit: Unsplash/Christelle BOURGEOIS

Golden Yellow Counter

Image credit: norse republics

Who wouldn’t fancy having a bar counter in their abode? If you’re someone who’s already planning on getting yourself one, why not make it super fab and fancy? Get a brass bar counter like this one to make your room pop with the golden yellow hue. With the gold finish and its antique look, the gold countertop will accentuate your room with a touch of royalty without looking too out of place.

Table Lamp

Essential to any table, lamps keep your home bright and drive away unneeded darkness. To keep your home looking on the even brighter side, this 5321 Table Lamp by GUBI features a shell-inspired brass shade that will add a sleek yet playful aesthetic into your space. Conveniently, you can find this lamp at the norse republics showroom.

Pendant Lighting

Lighting accessories don’t have to always be plain and white. So let’s have fun and pick out a cool gold pendant to spice up your space a bit. This Golden Bell light by Artek, for example, can illuminate your room with a welcoming yellow shimmer. Whether you put it over your reading nook or a dining table, the piece will provide a warm-toned light as well as adding a versatile finish to your room.

Accent Tray

Make your dinner or snack time more elegant than ever with a gold tray that glistens with a wonderful yellow glow. Use it to hold your afternoon treats or pre-dinner drinks. This GLATTIS Tray in brass colour by IKEA is the perfect example of an ordinary home piece that can turn into a glamorous home’s decorative statement.

Coffee Table

Coffee table books — CTBs – are a thing of beauty and simply not just an ordinary book due to their artsy covers and interesting content. So, of course, they deserve a well-designed table to rest upon. This Round Slit Table by HAY is the perfect example of a cool slash chic coffee table you’ll need to get for your home. It’s time we go for something bold and bright this year.

Candle Holder

Image credit: norse republics

Although yellow is not much of a romantic shade, the yellow-ish candle holder is pretty much a symbol of romance. Incorporating a candlestick set into your home can easily bring a cheery silhouette with a sophisticated look into your space. Try this PÄRLBAND Candelabra from IKEA and let the gold shade cosy up your room while adding that fabulous glam every abode needs.

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