From dad sandals to bold ’90s hair clips and bucket hats, it seems that the fashion sphere keeps on bringing back trends from the past. But we aren’t complaining.

Currently finding inspiration not from the wardrobes of Mum or Dad, but rather Grandmother, the next big thing seems to be stemming right from the bridge of Nana’s nose: eyewear chains.

Long a very particular eyewear accessory that is most commonly worn by the elderly, eyewear chains have recently become a hit amongst celebrities and models alike. And whilst we know it may be tricky to see them as more than something grandma wore best, it is both enlightening and exciting to spot the straps on anyone from Rihanna to Gigi Hadid.

From left: Ashley Williams, Balenciaga, Gigi Hadid.

After all, beyond street style points, eyewear chains are incredibly functional. As ornamental as they are handy, they’re a style staple that is bold but also practical. Glasses slipping off your nose? Never more.

Perhaps a hop and skip away from the grandmother classic, we’ve put together some of our favourite and most fashionable eyewear chains of the minute. From Chanel to Stella McCartney, consider it the modern-day trend to try this season — of that we’re sure Granny approves.

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Kuala Lumpur.

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