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    It’s happening. It’s finally here. Three years after the series concluded, the Downton Abbey movie is set to hit theatres this weekend. The makers have achieved the rare feat of turning a popular series into a film, and this successful maneuvre is one fans have been awaiting. With just three days to go (it releases this Friday), here’s a round-up of everything you’d want to know before you’re seated in front of the big screen. (Note: Spoilers ahead.)

    The Crawley family and its servants return, all the 18 main characters from the series intact for the movie, including the celebrated Maggie Smith. The film is set around late 1927, not much farther from when the series ended, and is centered around King George V and Queen Mary’s impending visit to Downton. Thomas, who had finally gained the seat of Head Butler, is stepping down temporarily because Mary is determined to bring back Carson, Thomas’ predecessor, to ensure that everything is in order for the royal visit.

    What we also know is that Mary’s love life is finally devoid of turmoil. And romance will also be a theme for her maid, Anna, who has a baby with Mr Bates. It has been hinted by the cast members that Edith too has found a happy balance in her life. Loose ends from the series being tied up, few new characters have been introduced, but of course there’s a lot more extravagance to expect from this historical drama.

    downtown abbey movieThe trailers have already garnered many an emotional comments from fans – from reactions to the theme song to praises for the cast. This one’s a must-watch is you’re a series fan. So hold tight that tea cup – nostalgia and drama is set to unfold this weekend.

    All images: Courtesy Downton Abbey (Facebook)

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