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    If you want to turn on the charm and romance your partner, one non-fussed way to aid your efforts is to take him or her out for a stunning supper. We pick nine of the best restaurants for dialing up the love, in Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai.

    Fly Dining

    Best restaurants for Valentine's Day in Bangalore

    Sweep your significant other off their feet, quite literally. Fly Dining takes you 50 meters off the ground, for a dinner replete with service you’d have access to at any on ground restaurant. Looking over Bengaluru’s pretty Nagavara Lake, they serve a mix of Asian and Indian cuisine, accompanied by mocktails.

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    Best restaurants for Valentine's Day in Bangalore

    Ringing in classic romance, they’re set in a farmhouse, al fresco amidst the greens, with jazz playing in the backdrop. A call before you head to the dinner will seek your dietary preferences, fresh cut flowers and candles adorn the tables as you select from their collection of wines, beers, or non-alcoholic drinks. They offer five and seven corse meals, we suggest you go for the latter for the occasion, and reserve the one table on their terrace, level with the treetops with much desired seclusion.

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    The Tao Terraces

    Best restaurants for Valentine's Day in Bangalore, The Tao Terraces

    A rooftop space right in the centre of the city, The Tao Terraces take you away from the mad rush, yet allowing a bird’s eye view of the bustling streets below. Buddhist serenity encases the restaurant, with Asian motifs, cane interiors, and the calm sound of flowing water. Their Pan Asian fare does justice to the splendid ambience and view. They also have special candle light dinners for couples, making it perfect if you’re looking for private yet not alienated space.

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    In the quaint Lodhi Market, Tres exudes a gentlemanly charm. The true to basics interiors carry composure, with green and yellow hues, and offer a perfect evening that encourages conversation. Choose to sit at the bar if casual is on your mind, and take a seat at one of the tables of an elaborate dinner is what you’re going for. Their tasteful cocktails and modern European cuisine will add to the romance of V-Day.
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    Grammar Room

    Best restaurants for Valentine's Day in Delhi. Grammar Room

    If an easygoing is on your mind, Grammar Room is ideal for the mood. In the Mehrauli-Qutub area, the all-day café sits inside the capital’s favourite Olive Bar & Kitchen. Looking over lush greens, the intimate space has a balcony where you can get closer to nature as you sip on that coffee or cocktail. The large cane chairs are cosy, and cute potted plants reside on tabletops. The menu is an assortment of small and large plates from across the world. Add a little cheese to the laid-back date and share that heavily affogato.
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    Best restaurants for Valentine's Day in Delhi. Sevilla Claridges

    The Spanish and Italian restaurant at The Claridges has both, indoor and al fresco seating. The weather and V-Day call for the latter, with their white tents, chandeliers, and long-stemmed candle stands bringing the charisma to life. The flickering mellow lighting, tiny glass bridge walkways, and perpetual quiet romance in the air mirror a night out of a film. Take your pick from their selection of over 150 wines from different parts of the world, and end the night with the much-loved tiramisu.
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    Best restaurants for Valentine's Day in Mumbai. Estella

    Sea waves in your ears and sunset in your eyes, Estella has one of the most beautiful views offered by a restaurant in the Maximum City. It’s wooden deck and cabanas overlook the Juhu beachfront, with spacious tables allowing for free flowing conversation without earring in on others. The modern Australian food carries influences from Asian and European cuisines, with sushi, scallops, and risotto — all at your beckoning.
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    Best restaurants for Valentine's Day in Mumbai. Estella

    Rooftop, city that never sleeps underneath, and sea on the side — Dome is all settings rolled into one. Soft lighting and couch seating at the lounge-restaurant is great for a a prolonged romantic evening. The whisky bar at the rooftop has a corner seat, offering an uninterrupted view of the Queen’s Necklace. Their pristine white décor adds to the charm, as you indulge in cocktails, grills, cigars, wine, and global cuisine.
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    The Quarter

    Best restaurants for Valentine's Day in Mumbai. The Quarter

    Floor to ceiling windows, sleek wooden seating, greens all around, candles and plants on the table. It’s nature overtaking the rushed city a The Quarter. Making their food using local produce and in-house ingredients, they serve Americana and European food. Signature cocktails, champagne, and wines add flavour to the evening, as live jazz plays through supper. Residing in Mumbai’s Royal Opera House, the address only adds to the allure.
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