Success and image go hand in hand together, which is why you don’t find many successful men smelling bad. In fact, they probably adhere to a set of grooming rules, one of which includes having a signature scent. For the modern Man of Today, may we suggest the classic BOSS Bottled?

Launched in 1998, the BOSS Bottled fragrance is an encapsulation of the BOSS style – complex, versatile, and rich in contrasts. This man is one that has been primed to succeed – he is competitive, driven, and ambitious. Each time he achieves his goals, he only sets the bar higher to become a better version of himself.

BOSS Bottled
The iconic BOSS Bottled, a classic scent for men since 1998.

Similarly, the fragrance has elegant, woody accords. It’s fresh and sharp with a warm and woody base, seamlessly bringing its wearer from day to night. During the day, the top notes of apple and citrus bring much zest to his drive at work, perfectly balancing with floral and spicy heart notes of pelargonium, warm cinnamon, and cloves. Towards the end of the day, the scent unfolds into something warmer and more masculine – sandalwood, vetiver, and cedar.

The BOSS Bottled Infinite.

However, the BOSS man requires a balance of work and play. Every now and then he’ll need to escape the urban life and recharge his soul to connect to his inner self. For those moments, there’s the BOSS Bottled Infinite to set you in the right mood. With its energising and sensual scent, it’ll reinvigorate its wearer and recharge him, getting the Man of Today back into the game. It has notes of apple, mandarin orange, lavender, patchouli, sandalwood, and more.

If you’re feeling for a bit of change for the upcoming festive season, BOSS Bottled has something special for you in the form of a limited-edition fragrance: the BOSS Bottled Absolute. This new scent is a bolder interpretation of the iconic BOSS Bottled. Like its elder sibling, the BOSS Bottled Absolute opens with notes of fruity apple and warm spices. However, it’s at the heart where it shows its appeal with zingy bergamot and the lushness of plum. Dressed in an opaque charcoal grey flacon with a silver metal topper, it’s an exquisitely masculine fragrance for the contemporary Man of Today. Now, this would make a perfect Christmas gift for the season.

If you’re already a fan of the original BOSS Bottled, you might want to try these two varying eau de parfums for a little change in lifestyle every now and then.

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