After spending hours on your eyeliner, the last thing you want is for it to melt off, or get smudged the minute you step out. Fortunately, there is a fix: we’ve rounded up 5 of the best long-lasting eyeliners to the rescue, which will withstand Malaysia’s humidity, accidental smudging, or when you need to be out and about the whole day. Don’t forget — your eyelids are generally one of the oiliest parts of the face, but you can apply primer, foundation or powder eyeshadow right before putting on eyeliner to make sure it sticks around.

Whether you prefer pencil, gel, or liquid eyeliners, there’s one perfect for any occasion. Here’s 5 long-lasting eyeliners that will stay put throughout the day.

Featured image: Urban Decay

Urban Decay

Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On eyeliner pencil stays soft for 30 seconds to blend, then dries to a long-lasting finish that stays put. Created with 50 percent moisturising ingredients with an advanced waterproof formula, this eyeliner pencil offers vibrant colour that won’t fade, and a creamy feel when applied. Plus, it comes in a range of 41 dynamic shades, from lush tropical hues, deep metallics, and shimmering neutrals.


A felt-tip liquid eyeliner that is long-lasting, and enriched with carbon black that gives it an intense colour when applied.

With an ultra fine applicator tip that glides smoothly and an effortless grip design, it’s easy to create precise lines for a variety of looks that will last throughout the day.

Shu Uemura

Water resistant and smudge-proof, you won’t have to worry about ruining your makeup with Shu Uemura’s eyeliner paint.

The formula has an ultra smooth, soft and velvety texture that allows you to blend and draw long lines without it flaking. Plus, we love the intense definition that it provides.

Bobbi Brown

This gel-based pencil from Bobbi Brown gives a richly pigmented colour, while being sweat and humidity-resistant for around half a day. It’s also great for precision with a smooth applicator tip, and even a built-in sharpener to ensure perfection every time its needed. With a twist up design, this eyeliner pencil is a must have for when you’re on the go.


The Eyestudio Lasting Drama gel eyeliner is an oil-free formula that holds deeply concentrated black pigments in a clear gel base, which results in a glossy, vibrant finish. Best part is that it’s also resistant to oil, sweat and water (and accidental smudging!) for approximately 36 hours.