There’s no need to elaborate on the benefits of using a cushion compact. These usually have a lightweight formula, perfect for the humid weather and they provide a decent amount of coverage for something that is so easy and quick to apply. Touch-ups are also a breeze. While we can keep going on how amazing these little cushion soaked foundations are, there is actually one downside about cushion compacts — and it’s the lack of colour diversity.

Since cushion compacts originated from Korea, it’s quite understandable as to why most cushions compacts are only available from light to medium shade. When a woman of colour who wants in on the trend, she would have to go through a small hurdle on finding one that is perfect for her skin tone. Plus, it doesn’t help with the fact that most cushion compacts only come in less than five shades.

It’s pretty much time to be all-inclusive. Korean brands are slowly but surely expanding their cushion line, but the brands that are dominating the charts are western. Think Tom Ford, Dior Beauty, MAC Cosmetics, and more. Check out the full list below.


Jolin Lee
Senior Writer
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