A seemingly quiet neighbourhood, Overseas Union Garden (shortened by the locals to OUG) has grown into one of the biggest food hubs in Klang Valley. The area is well-known to be a strategic location – it’s situated in the centre of other popular cities such as Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Bangsar and is just a 20-minute drive to the city centre.

OUG denizens would agree to the above, but it’s slightly difficult to convince those who reside in other busier, more trendy neighbourhoods such as Bangsar and Chinatown. But heed our words: don’t look down on this quiet and unpretentious neighbourhood. The number of local delights you’ll find throughout the neighbourhood proves our point. This is also a place you can go to if you want breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, and supper in just one area.

OUG offers both traditional and modern cuisines – you’ll basically be able to find anything including recipes that have been passed down through generations or eateries opened by young entrepreneurs and chefs.

Here’s a complete guide on where to eat in OUG.

Down to Bones

The eatery that started out in a coffee shop has now grown to a full standalone restaurant. Down to Bones serves one of the best pork ribs in Klang Valley and its tender, juicy and undoubtedly delicious pork ribs is a testament to that. The restaurant has now expanded its menu from just serving pork ribs to pastas, rice bowls and more.

Ah Loy Curry Restaurant

This humble eatery has been in business for over 40 years, serving deliciously hearty curry noodles. It’s so good that people outside of OUG even travel to have a bowl of this. The store serves various types of curry mees, including one with pork ribs. Assam laksa is also one of their specialites. One bonus point? It opens until pretty late at 11 PM.

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Doors Cafe

Doors was the first cafe to open in this family-friendly neighbourhood. As OUG is known for its traditional coffee shops, this cafe is the one who kick-started the cafe-hopping trend in 2014. Many soon opened after that, but we’ll still come back here for a cup of hot chocolate and cakes. They also have a full food menu.

Seafood Pork Noodles at Sun Sea

When you type ‘what to eat in OUG’ on the Google search bar, we can 100% guarantee that this famous pork noodle place will appear on that list. This restaurant has been operating for the past few decades with no changes in its recipe but still boasting the same amount of customers since it first opened. Order a bowl and you’ll be surprised at the amount of minced pork and pork slices in it, complete with squid and fishcakes. You can also choose to have pork innards in your soup too.

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This burger joint needs no introduction, especially after its big Nasi Lemak Burger stint a couple of years ago. MyBurgerLab always manages to come up with the zaniest burger creations – the Krispy Kreme doughnut burger and Milo-coated chicken burger are just some examples. If you don’t want to travel to OUG to try this burger joint out, there are also several branches across the Klang Valley.

Yang Kee Restaurant

Another popular eatery that has been opened for decades, Yang Kee Restaurant is known for its beef noodles. Those who frequently visit Peel Road may be able to recognise this beef noodle store, as it’s the owned by the same people behind the store there.

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The Hound

Coffee and cakes are not the only things you can enjoy here. The Hound has a full-fledged food menu, including nasi lemak, noodle soup and more. If you stop by, remember to say hi to Cookie, the cafe’s mascot. This cafe is also pet-friendly.

Pisang Goreng OUG

This may be an odd addition in our list, but this banana fritters (pisang goreng) stall has certainly made its mark in OUG. The old couple has been manning the cart for almost two decades,  frying pisang goreng, sweet potato, nian gao (glutinous rice flour cake), and yam all day. Everything is made fresh, which can’t be avoided as customers are constantly stopping by to get them.

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