These days, sneakers and streetwear go hand-in-hand; you cannot spot one without the other. Head over to some of the world’s fashion capitals like Tokyo, London, or Milan and you will spot a mixture of high-end streetwear clothing alongside luxury brands and even hype sneakers. All this and more are now more easily accessible than ever with the help of the internet. This is due to the hype online sneaker stores have created, giving people from all around the world greater and easier access to all their favourite brands under one roof.

Of course, the best way to capture foot traffic is to still have release drops, especially when you’re talking about the most hyped sneakers. The likes of Nike and Adidas regularly feature sneaker drops at both its online and retail stores, ensuring it reaches out to the masses in both avenues. However, if you’re looking for rare and exclusive pieces, you will not find it through the actual retailers.

This is where all the online sneaker stores come in. It reaches out to the public in ways big retailers cannot. Some of these sites even work through a raffle process where one registers a ballot in hopes of securing a slot to purchase said raffle draw item. It’s a sad and cruel world we live in, especially when there are people out there abusing the system with various bots.

Be that as it may, these are still some of the best places to purchase not only sneakers but high-end streetwear clothing as well as luxury brands. Be sure to scroll down to check out the full list of not five or 10, but 15 online sneaker stores, some of which sell more than just kicks.


Detroit-based e-commerce platform StockX is arguably the biggest site when it comes to all things streetwear and sneakers. StockX is also the most popular among all due to its popularity with the resale market for both sneakers and streetwear. This is because of StockX’s eligibility when it comes to reselling, ensuring that each and every product that goes through its system are certified as legitimate and original. After going through said process, each and every article of clothing or footwear comes with StockX’s own green tag to prove its authenticity. This ranges from your most expensive sneakers like the Nike x Off-White collaborations and even luxury streetwear items like Supreme and Bape. StockX only focuses on four categories: sneakers, streetwear, watches, and handbags. While the first two are an obvious giveaway, not many are familiar with the other two categories. You can now purchase watches from Rolex, Panerai, and even IWC while for handbags, the likes of Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton are available. StockX is also a great place to check out the actual value of a product that you’re looking to buy or sell, allowing you to know just how much a particular pair of sneakers are worth in the resale market.

END Clothing

British online retailer END Clothing is more than just your regular online sneaker store as its only available in two cities, Newcastle and Glasgow. This allows END Clothing to place heavy emphasis on its online space, offering one of the most extensive list of brands available; this ranges from your go-to streetwear brands like Bape, Off-White, and Mastermind World to your top-shelf luxury brands like Versace, Maison Margela, and even Saint-Laurent. END Clothing also offers its very own Launches section, where you can register your ballots in hope of securing a chance to purchase some of the latest sneakers and streetwear apparel at its retail price. This is particular great for people who otherwise do not stand a chance in purchasing such items because it isn’t being brought into their home country. END Clothing is also a great way for one to discover new and underrated brands that you may not have heard of.


Referring to one of the most popular online sneaker stores that started out as a brick-and-mortar store, Sneakersnstuff is the exact place that fits that description. It opened its first outlet in Stockholm, Sweden back in March 1999 amidst a sea of frustration due to the lack of alternative big retail chains. This then set of a series of events, which saw Sneakersnstuff expanding from a single location to five other cities around the world. You can now find a Sneakersnstuff in Paris, London, Berlin, New York, and Los Angeles. What’s great about the Stockholm-based brand is that it’s known for stocking both exclusive and general releases when it comes to sneakers. It also offers its own raffle drawing where you can participate, whether in-store or online. While it fulfils its first-half of the name, it also lives up to the “stuff” in its name by complementing its wide range of sneakers with plenty of apparel and accessories from a variety of brands like Billionaire Boys Club, Champion, and Stussy.


Another UK-based site, Footpatrol found its footing in London back in 2002 before moving to its current location, Soho in 2010. It now has two locations — London and Paris, the latter of which was opened in 2018. Footpatrol is known for its various collaborations with brands on special projects, much like Sneakersnstuff as well. Footpatrol is well-known in the UK itself for bringing in Japanese exclusive sneakers, most of which will be hard to find around the rest of Europe. While it mostly focuses on sneakers for the most part, it also has a dedicated section for clothing and accessories. This ranges from Footpatrol’s very own clothing label to even NikeLab and adidas Consortium. Its accessories section also focuses primarily on footwear with plenty shoe care stuff.


Solebox is one of the leaders when it comes to being both an online sneaker store as well as physical locations. Starting out in Berlin back in 2002, Solebox has since expanded its reach towards the greater regions of Europe. This includes a physical store in Munich, Amsterdam, Brussels and Vienna. The aim of Solebox was to bring limited-edition as well as exclusive sneakers to Europe, which then led to its numerous collaborations with big name brands. These special edition projects, paired with its general and exclusive release of sneakers has made Solebox one of the must-visit places when looking for sneakers in Europe. It also offers a good variety of streetwear and high-end labels like Helmut Lang, Bape, and Y-3.


When it comes to Kith, it offers more than your regular online sneaker store. Kith is very much a fashion label in its own right, founded by Ronnie Fieg back in 2011. Fieg has been a constant collaborator for many sneakers, mainly Asics for its Gel-Lyte series. His own brand is also very much involved in the collaborating process. This ranges from Coca-cola, Cap’n Crunch cereal, and most notably of all, Versace. Kith’s presence in the realm of fashion is an ever-growing one as it regularly releases new capsule collections, which range from its basics and essentials to a curated product portfolio. Kith already has seven locations in total around the US with five being in New York and the last remaining two in Los Angeles and Miami. Kith also deals in the food industry with Kith Treats due to its tie-up with Cap’n Crunch cereal, an in-house cereal bar and ice cream parlour. As for Kith’s online presence, it houses a wide selection of sneakers and apparel. There are weekly raffle drops for avid sneakerheads but if you’re looking for something else, there is also a diverse selection of brands to choose from.

Dover Street Market

Dover Street Market (DSM for short) is another popular online sneaker store that started out in a physical space at first. First starting out on Dover Street in London, it has since moved out to its current location in Haymarket while five more branches have been opened around the world — Singapore, New York, Beijing, Tokyo, and Los Angeles. DSM was started by Comme des Garçons founder, Rei Kawakubo and it holds multiple brands spanning several floors in all of its locations. With CDG being one of the biggest brands in DSM, there are also plenty of other labels available Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Noah, Raf Simons, Stussy, Undercover, and even Palace. There is also a thriving sneaker market in DSM with plenty to offer like adidas, Asics, and Vans amongst other notable classics.


Within Asia itself houses plenty of fashion capitals of the world so it only seemed right for there to be a large third-party retailer presence that solidifies that. In comes Juice, one of Asia’s most reputable boutique sneaker stores with a large online following. The store itself is already in multiple cities around Asia with a lone store in Los Angeles to capture the international traffic overseas. The stores around Asia includes Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Taipei. As for its online sneaker store, Juice divides it between three categories — sneakers, boots, and sandals. Nike and adidas are already expected from Juice but it also carries other labels like Hender Scheme plenty of special edition collaborations from Converse and adidas Consortium.


Ssense is very much different from every other online sneaker store — it focuses heavily on its digital presence rather than the physical with only one storefront in Montreal, Canada. It primarily deals in streetwear, luxury, and even independent labels, making it the go-to place if you’re looking for a bit of everything. As for its sneaker space, Ssense offers plenty of different types of footwear for all; this ranges from its exclusive and general release sneakers, formal footwear, sandals, and even boots. You can now spot brands like Puma and Nike alongside luxury labels like Fear of God and Balenciaga. Ssense is also one of the few online sneaker stores with its very own editorial team, which is headed by one of 032c’s founders, Joerg Koch. Ssense provides daily write-ups that range from interviews with industry leaders to seasonal fashion guides.


Grailed operates in a similar way than what StockX does, but in a much more unscripted manner. While StockX has a detailed process about how it goes about doing business, Grailed’s job is mainly providing a platform for buyers to interact with sellers on what they are looking for in the resale market space. This allows both buyers and sellers to directly contact one another without having to go through a tedious process. Of course, this is a more underhanded way to do business but for both buyers and sellers, there are no issues as Grailed ensures that all of its sellers are offering legitimate products. It offers plenty of different labels, ranging from your household names like Supreme, Bape, and Off-White to more luxury labels like Gucci, Prada, and Saint Laurent.


The one and only Tokyo-based online sneaker store, GR8 also has its very own physical store in the ever-so colourful district of Harajuku. GR8 offers only sneakers and various other types of footwear, making it the perfect one-stop online shop for all you sneakerheads. Its portfolio boasts plenty of up-and-coming designers from around the world, giving them a platform for which to showcase their products through GR8’s long list of followers. While its physical store carries a healthy variety of apparel labels, its online sneaker store stays true to its nature by housing the latest in hype sneakers as well as a carefully selected general release of silhouettes. There are even plenty of different colourways and silhouettes you may not find anywhere else, making GR8 a worthy stop whether you’re in Harajuku or sitting on your couch at home.

Mr. Porter

While Mr. Porter may not be the only name on this list that doesn’t have a physical store, it differs from the likes of StockX and Grailed. For starters, both StockX and Grailed do not own any of its product while Mr. Porter actually carries a curated selection of both apparel and footwear. It was launched back in 2010 by online retailer, Net-A-Porter and was originally described as the “first luxury men’s wear online retailer with a global reach” by the Financial Times. It has over 450 international labels in its portfolio, ensuring that it is one of the biggest online retailers worldwide. This includes brands like Balenciaga, Gucci, Tom Ford, and Ralph Lauren to name a few. Mr. Porter has also been known to introduce limited-edition sneaker releases, most notably the adidas Yeezy sneaker releases.

HBX by Hypebeast

Founded by lifestyle and streetwear online publication Hypebeast, HBX is its retail arm that focuses on over 200 carefully curated brands available on its site. This includes everything from apparel to accessories and of course, footwear. What’s great about HBX is its consistency when it comes to having plenty of sales as well as its delivery times. If you’re looking for something for your children or even your significant other, HBX has got you covered. Much like Ssense, HBX also features its own editorial section featuring articles on the latest seasonal collections to hit its virtual shelves.


While most of the online sneaker stores on this list focuses heavily on the American, Asian, and European markets, Sneakerboy out of Sydney, Australia taps into the otherwise uncharted Oceanic market. Founded in 2013, Sneakerboy is a luxury sneaker store that carries all of the most hyped sneakers one can find these days. It houses a healthy selection between hyped sneakers as well as luxury high-end brands, ensuring that there is something for everyone. This includes a mixture of adidas Originals, Air Jordans, Raf Simons, Balenciaga, Nike, Dior, and Prada. Sneakerboy also practices a very unique process — you can head on over to any of its retail stores located around Victoria, Queensland, and Sydney where you can try on your sneaker of choice before confirming your purchase through the site.

Flight Club

Not to be mistaken with the pop culture film, ‘Fight Club’, Flight Club ensures that it isn’t something you cannot  talk about. Having been around the block for over a decade, Flight Club knows what it means to stay ahead of the curve. it carries every brand name imaginable in the world of sneakers and of course, a healthy serving of your most expensive sneakers to ever hit the market. A few notably rare and expensive pieces includes the Air Yeezy 2 Solar Red, which can go over US$10,000; the Air Jordan 4 Retro “Undefeated”, which retails over US$150,000; and of course, the 2016 Air Mags, which sells for US$45,000. Flight Club is the pinnacle one-stop shop for avid sneakerheads, whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer in the game. Flight Club currently has three brick-and-mortar locations around the US, which are Miami, New York, and Los Angeles.

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