Holiday season is right around the corner and as we literally gear up to go on vacation, what do we spot but the new Tumi 19 Degree luggage collection. The brand is renowned for its premium travel, business and lifestyle accessories — travel bags in particular — so we can’t help but be intrigued by its first-ever aluminium luggage collection.

The Tumi 19 Degree aluminium luggage collection is a masterful combination of form and function — blurring the lines between fashion, art and design while enhancing the travel experience. In fact, drawing inspiration from the Tumi 19 Degree aluminium range, the brand has also launched a polycarbonate 19 Degree counterpart collection that’s equal parts stylish and lightweight.

In the process of taking our pick, we’ve listed down what we like about both Tumi 19 Degree collections for easy reference.The brand clearly understands what the affluent traveler needs, and has delivered a chic yet functional collection of travel bags. Here are five things we love about the respective collections.