Dyson consistently makes headlines for every new beauty tool the appliance giant releases. The innovation is always impressive, of course, but those headlines typically come emblazoned with the price point of each product because Dyson’s genius does cost a pinch. Not all of us have the drive to shell out a handful of hundreds on a hairdryer or styling tool without any guarantee that it works for our needs, YouTube demonstrations and online reviews notwithstanding. With the opening of the world’s first Dyson Beauty Lab in Singapore’s Funan Mall, however, you can enjoy a hands-on experience sampling the brand’s famed beauty gadgets before going in for the kill with your credit card.

dyson beauty lab singapore
The Dyson Airwrap styler. (Photo credit: Dyson)

The Dyson Beauty Lab functions as a hairstyling boutique, of sorts. The store is equipped with four styling stations that offer a variety of blow-outs for you to choose from, all of which employ Dyson’s hero products, the Supersonic hairdryer and the Airwrap Styler.

Hairstylists are there to give your hairdo a dry blowout, or a wet-to-dry styling session and offer real-life perspective on how to maximise each tool for what your hair requires.

dyson beauty lab singapore
The Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer. (Photo credit: Dyson)

The Beauty Lab isn’t just territory for Dyson virgins, however. If you already own its products, the store will also be the place to go for brand-new attachments. In conjunction with the opening of the store, Dyson has launched three fixtures for its Supersonic hair dryer that you can purchase on-site. Customisation options are available at the Lab too, allowing you to mix the colour of the product you choose with your preferred hue for its storage case.

If you’ve always been curious about the Dyson gizmos that half the world seems to swear by in spite of the price point, then do yourself a favour and book a styling slot online to see what the hype is about.

Dyson Beauty Lab
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