Much of what we associate as Korean beauty can be attributed to Jung Saem Mool. The celebrity makeup artist is a 30-year veteran in the industry, and through her work with Asia’s famous icons, she has consistently championed the trend of what she dubs “transparent beauty” — where minimal makeup is used to enhance, not mask, one’s features.

Transparent beauty is typical to the Korean take on makeup. In 2015, Jung Saem Mool decided to channel her know-how about the trend she spearheaded into her own makeup brand. Formerly available only in Korea, the expansive Jung Saem Mool beauty brand has now travelled beyond its native grounds to Singapore.

Jung Saem Mool’s full product range is now available at Escentials, and to celebrate its arrival, we have picked out our favourite products from the brand to help you emulate that coveted Korean glow-from-within look.


We always love products that multitask, which makes the Jung Saem Mool Cushion-cealer right up our alley. Housed within one compact is a water- and oil-resistant concealer and cushion foundation, which promises buildable coverage to conceal any blemish without making your face look too cakey. It’s convenient, effective, and saves space in your makeup pouch.

S$76. Available here.

Skin Setting Smoothing Base

It may sound odd to most, but one way to curb your skin from producing excess oil is to keep hydrated. Often, sebum is a byproduct of dehydration, so try to introduce hydrating ingredients in your makeup routine to remedy this, and not just your skincare. The Skin Setting Smoothing Base is a product that delivers the gist of what we are talking about. As a primer, it corrects your complexion and has a slight mattifying effect to keep oil at bay. However, it also has patented hyaluronic acid spheres that helps makeup glide on easily and keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day.

S$49. Available here.

Essential Powder Illuminator

The days of blinding highlight are long gone, but that doesn’t mean illuminators have been laid to rest. Embrace a soft healthy glow that radiates from your skin, rather than aggressively bright landing strips at the tops of your cheekbones with the Jung Saem Mool Essential Powder Illuminator. This pearlescent loose powder has a myriad of uses, be it as a setting powder to give your face an all-over sheen, or layered atop of a liquid highlight for a shine with oomph. It is available in two hues — a light pink and a gold — so this product can work on a variety of skin tones.

S$40. Available here.

Essential Mool Cream

Jung Saem Mool also has a handful of skincare products focused on keeping your skin plump and hydrated for a complexion that the Koreans term “chok chok”. The Essential Mool Cream is the star of the range as it is a daytime moisturiser that delivers quite the hydrating punch in spite of its lightweight texture. A complex of white flowers, including lily, rose and narcissus, are also included in the formula for their brightening properties.

S$78. Available here.

Artist Eyeshadow Palette in "Neutral and Tender"

Everyone needs a good neutral eyeshadow palette in their arsenal and not the newfangled orange/coral/pink-themed “neutral” palettes that are all the rage right now. We’re talking about going back to the browns and beiges, colours that you can wear every day to suit all occasions. The Artist Eyeshadow Palette in “Neutral and Tender” is our current go-to, as it comprises all the shades you need to do anything from a subtle to a full-blown smokey eye. These all-matte, buttery and highly-pigmented eyeshadows can also double up as eyeliner or powder for your brows if you want to maximise its use.

S$74. Available here.

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