In the world of art, the debate of whether furniture or fashion constitutes as fine art is constantly ebbing. While definitions of what “art” truly is have loosened in contemporary times, an artistic endeavour like Damien Hirst’s Spin chairs puts the boundaries into question all over again.

damien hirst spin chairs
The original series of Hirst’s chairs. (Photo: New Art Editions)

The Spin chair project, also known as Six Beautiful Self-Indulgent Spin Chairs, was specially commissioned by furniture designer Jasper Morrison. Hirst utilised spin art technique, and applied it to straight-backed chairs in an explosion of contrasting colours. The result: Scandi-style chairs that either appear vandalised by a child, or are emblematic of Hirst’s spin art portraits that were one of his claims to fame.

damien hirst spin chair
The Beautiful Sit Down Shut Up Spin Chair. (Photo: Other Collective)

The cost? S$17, 270. We doubt that’s inclusive of shipping. His first series of Spin chairs were sold out, beckoning the artist to create a second, monochromatic collection. Each piece, with names like Beautiful It Get Easier Every Time Spin Chair and  Beautiful Sit Down Shut Up Spin Chair, features the same haphazard art style in chic black-and-white that wouldn’t be amiss in a stylish loft.

If your idea of art is one where beauty meets function, Hirst’s chairs can be purchased on

Beatrice Bowers
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