For the first time in Singapore, cafe-hoppers will have the chance to savour great coffees and brunch bites from some of the best cafes around the world. At the inaugural Cafe Culture event, there will be plenty of coffee for everyone to try, made from the best single-origin coffee beans.
But this isn’t just a coffee-led experience. Cafe Culture also seeks to recreate a semblance of the actual cafe experience into Singapore. Popular names like Sisterfields and Koi Dessert Bar will be offering signature bites and exclusive creations from their own well-decorated space, allowing visitors to ‘cafe hop’ around.
There’s plenty to see and eat around here. If you’re dropping by for a visit, you’ll want to keep this quick guide on dishes that are both worth your time and calories. Thankfully, these cafe bites aren’t just all hipster avocado toasts and granola bowls. You’ll find some sparks of culinary creativity here.

Pulled Pork Charcoal Rolls (Sisterfields)

(Image credit: Cafe Culture)

These rolls from Balinese cafe Sisterfields is a work of passion. Pork is left to braise overnight in a savoury stock, leaving it perfectly tender and juicy. The pulled pork is topped with a refreshing coleslaw, sandwiched between charcoal-infused buns.
Balinese Banoffee Pancakes (Sisterfields)

(Image credit: Cafe Culture)

This sweet brunch treat is what Sisterfields’ culinary director Jethro Vincent calls a ‘truly local product’. The stack of pancakes comes accompanied with vanilla cream, chocolate crumble and coconut sugar butterscotch — using ingredients sourced from neighbouring Balinese farms.

Breakfast Board (Auction Rooms)

(Image credit: Auction Rooms)

If you want a bit of everything, consider getting the iconic Breakfast Board from Melbourne cafe Auction Rooms. The cafe offers a sampler of its signature corned beef hashbrowns and sweet brioche French toast along with slices of toast and housemade granola. If you want more, there’s the option to order both hashbrown and French toast a la carte.

Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes (Roast)

(Image credit: Roast)

Bangkok-based cafe Roast’s blueberry pancake stack is a brunch classic done right. Fluffy pancakes are topped with fresh blueberries, earl grey crumble and a bit of lemon zest. Pancakes come with a little saucer of housemade blueberry sauce on the side. P.S: Get your phones ready for Instagram stories.
Croissants (Lune)

(Image credit: Lune)

Before making your rounds at Cafe Culture, we highly recommend coming early queueing up at Lune Croissanterie first. The first day of the event saw long lines of people waiting for over an hour for Lune’s famous croissants. There are only plain croissants available, selling for a box of two at S$22. It might sound ridiculous to wait so long for just two croissants, but these buttery and flaky treats will be worth your while.

Gardens by the Bay (Koi)

The famous Koi Dessert Bar from Australia is offering a long list of sweets and pastries on the menu, such as mousses, tarts and cakes. Pastry chef Reynold Poernomo (and MasterChef Australia contestant) has also put his creativity to the test with a sweet homage to Singapore. This towering cake, dubbed Gardens by the Bay, is made up of a brownie with mint sponge, passionfruit curd and matcha soil. There are only 50 of these available each day, limited to one a customer.

Jasmine Tay
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