It’s not often that tattooing finds parity with fine whiskies, but both crafts joined forces recently at Kinou to celebrate the launch of Highland Park‘s latest single malt, the Twisted Tattoo. The Orkney-based distillery has a connection to Viking history that is ingrained into the brand’s DNA, and the Twisted Tattoo takes those ties to new, creative heights by paying homage to the tattoos that adorned the bodies of the Nordic warriors, as well as Norse mythology, through a captivating bottle design by artist Colin Dale.

The obsidian bottle bears a custom tattoo-esque design of the Midgard serpent by Dale, and while visually stunning, the liquid within is also worth writing home about. The 16-year-old single malt is Highland Park’s first foray into maturing whiskies with Rioja-seasoned oak casks, giving the mellow, smoky liquid a touch of floral sweetness that lingers long after you’ve had a sip.

At the event, the appreciation of Twisted Tattoo went beyond just sampling drams. Guest were invited to get their own Viking-inspired tattoos on-site by Kinou’s resident artist, Joycelyn Xie, courtesy of Highland Park. For those less inclined to pain, the brand also commissioned three Singaporean tattoo artists — Khai from Iron Fist, Victoria (better known on Instagram as @hellotako) and Xie — to translate Highland Park’s motto of “Viking Soul”, as well as the concept behind the new whisky into fully-fledged works of art.

Experience the evening for yourself with the video below.

Purchase the Twisted Tattoo at 1855 The Bottle Shop and Simply Whisky. Follow Highland Park on Facebook here for more updates on their events.

Beatrice Bowers
Features Editor
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