Whatever you may think of Virgil Abloh, it is undeniable that the man currently stands at the pinnacle of contemporary fashion. In fact, the designer helped set the tone for popular style today with the idiosyncratic blend of irony and athleisure that governs his flagship brand, Off-White, but one never expected Abloh’s unique take on fashion to be the perfect fit for Louis Vuitton.

When it was announced that Abloh would step into the shoes left by Kim Jones as the new menswear creative director for the house, the world was abuzz with questions of whether the timelessness of Louis Vuitton as a brand could play host to Abloh’s fresh appeal. As his rainbow-hued, Wizard of Oz-inspired debut walked down the runway of the Palais Royal last June, the global answer was a resounding “yes”.

Abloh’s Spring 2019 menswear collection for Louis Vuitton, titled “We Are The World”, has finally made its way to Singapore since that runway splash, and the maison has done everything possible to keep that hype well and alive. To commemorate the collection’s arrival, the Louis Vuitton Island Maison at Marina Bay Sands has been transformed into a kaleidoscopic carnival outfitted with its own yellow brick road to facilitate your discovery of the new wares.

Let us take you on a digital tour of the Island Maison, outfitted with Abloh’s premiere into the Louis Vuitton canon.

Beatrice Bowers
Features Editor
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